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Odyssey DVD

OM - An Indian Tale of Good & Evil is BOXTALES Theatre Company’s staging of Valmiki’s great Indian epic THE RAMAYANA. The Ramayana tells the story of Rama of Ayodhya and his wife Sita who is abducted by a demon king. Filled with great romance, betrayal, slaying of demons, abduction and supernatural warfare, this story is considered fundamental to the cultural consciousness of India. The performance features adult themes and rich language and was designed for ages 12 and up.

OM DVD $15
Odyssey DVD

THE ODYSSEY is BOXTALES Theatre Company’s original staging of the great classic of western literature by Homer. The story follows Odysseus, the great warrior king, as he wanders lost for ten years, struggling desperately to get home after winning the Trojan War. This performance features complex themes and rich language and was designed for ages 12 and up.

Odyssey DVD $15
DVD Waters

WATERS OF THE EARTH - Multicultural Tales of the Sea explores the rich folklore and mythology of seafaring peoples from around the globe. This show is appropriate for all ages! WATERS OF THE EARTH also includes Sea Chanteys, songs sung by working sailors on all kinds of ships from Ireland, New England, and African American/ Afro Caribbean traditions. $15

Waters DVD $15
DVD Jambo

JAMBO WATOTO - Tales and Rhythms of Africa is a loving homage to the rich and wonderful cultures of Africa featuring stories and traditional rhythms from different regions. This show is appropriate for all ages!

Jambo DVD $15
DVD Waters/Jambo

Waters of the Earth AND Jambo Watoto - BOXTALES Theatre Company brings its trademark theatrical style to these two productions featuring storytelling, movement, acrobatics, masks and live music. See above for the description of each show. Appropriate for all ages.

DVD - 2 shows $25

Black T-shirt with white BOXTALES Theatre Company Logo. Adult sizes.

Boxtales T-shirt $15